Giving Your Face A Lift With Muscle Stimulation! Fall/Winter Newsletter 2016

There are 4 layers to the skin: epidermis, dermis, fat and muscle. There are all kinds of skin care products and energy based devices that work on the first 3 layers, but few that work on the muscle layer.

We all know how much better we look when we are in good condition physically. What if we could exercise our face? The facial muscles are small strap like muscles that also get smaller and weaker as we age. There are two basic types of muscles, those that lift and those that depress. It is almost impossible to voluntarily exercise the lifting muscles of the face because they are all so interrelated.

We have long had a muscle stimulation device called the Pan G here at Advanced Dermatology that is a wonderful solution for loss of tone and sagging in the face. One of our estheticians can apply the wands of the device to stimulate only those muscles that make us look more youthful: the mid cheeks, the forehead, the muscles around the eyes and mouth. These small muscles over multiple sessions get larger, take up more space and re-volumize the face. This results in a very, very natural looking restoration of facial proportions. The Pan G’s MyoFacial therapy is the ultimate program, but does require a bit more dedication and time than some people might enjoy. There is no downtime and no pain: you look better immediately!

Now we have 2 more programs you can do if you are a bit strapped for time or money or both!

The Micro Current Peel is an in office treatment which includes a SilkPeelTM plus a NuFACe® booster and is performed by your Aesthetician ($225). Continue your program at home, in between your monthly MyoPeels for maximum effectiveness, with a NuFAce® Home Device, available at skinfo® for $325.

Another possibility is the Myofacial Peel which includes a MyoFacial (using the Pan G device, a much higher energy muscle stimulation treatment, which must be performed by a professional) and a SilkPeelTM ($325). Get a monthly professional MyoFacial Peel and use the NuFACe® ($325) daily at home to maintain and advance your results.

Finally, try the NuFAce® alone! You can do it while you are watching tv or reading! It can take either 5 minutes or 15 minutes depending on the amount of time you have; it gives you a very easy step-by-step program to follow. During the months of September 2016-October 2016 we will have the following specials:

• Package of 3 Micro Current Peels and NuFACe® at home device (10% off).
• Package of 3 MyoFacial Peels and NuFACe® at home device (15% off).