Intensif, Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter

Smoothing away wrinkles and crepey skin of the face and neck is now easier, less painful and without much after effect than ever with the addition of Intensif to our armamentarium of anti-aging treatments. Intensif is a cutting edge technology that combines the benefits of the heat from radiofrequency energy with precise microneedling to produce smoother and tighter skin.

Before & after 3 Intensif Treatments. Results may vary. Photo courtesy of Amy Forman Taub, MD.

Before & after 3 Intensif Treatments. Results may vary. Photos courtesy of Amy Forman Taub, MD.


Before a treatment with Intensif begins, the skin is anesthetized with a topical numbing agent. During the treatment, a small disposable hand piece containing tiny microneedles is placed on the skin. The tips of the microneedles are gently inserted by the laser motor into the numbed skin and provide a controlled wounding of the skin, at various depths depending on the size of the wrinkle/scar. At the same time, radiofrequency energy travels between the needles to create a uniform, volumetric heating of the tissue. This dual action treatment triggers the skin’s natural healing process and new collagen and elastin are made. This treatment is excellent for the wrinkles under and around the eyes, neck skin, cheek wrinkles, crepey skin anywhere, arm skin, and acne scarring as well as stretch marks. For best results, the skin involved should be thin to medium in thickness. Improvement in the skin is seen for months after the treatment as the microscopically wounded tissue is replaced by new, healthy, younger looking tissue. A treatment with Intensif leads to smoother skin with diminished fine lines and wrinkles.