Introducing Our New Body Shaping GAME CHANGERS!

Here is what you need to know about our newest addition for body shaping- it’s a GAME changer! Since 2010, we have been using the CoolSculpting® (CS) technology to target, freeze, and eliminate fat cells. CoolSculpting® is FDA cleared to treat visible fat bulges in nine areas of the body including the thigh, abdomen, and flank, along with bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks, upper arm, and the double chin. The treatment itself has proven to work on these stubborn areas of unwanted fat, time and time again, over the last 11 years. While we have gotten better and more creative with our treatment plans, the company has also been doing work on how to make the technology even BETTER; thus introducing its latest upgrade, CoolSculpting® ELITE.

My favorite upgrade with the new CS ELITE is the shape of the applicators. They have created new applicators that are designed to better complement the body’s natural curves and to allow for a better tissue draw for treatment. The new applicators feature up to 18% more contact with the subcutaneous tissue as compared to the legacy CoolSculpting® applicators. We imagine that this is the reason for the unpublished reports of the results being noticed more quickly. Lastly, is the potential reduction of in-office time for your treatment. We previously had two CoolSculpting® machines with one applicator on each one, allowing us to treat two areas at once. NOW, we have two CS ELITE devices, each of them having 2 handpieces that can be used simultaneously. This allows us to now treat 4 areas at once, if indicated. Now, those of you who have seen me before know that my sister-assistant and I love hanging out with you for hours during your treatment just chatting, talking about life and what’s new with you- BUT, I know your time is valuable; if you can get a better treatment in less time, and see results quicker, it’s a win-win!

If you are considering this non-invasive treatment, you must be assessed in person to discuss realistic expectations and to determine if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting® ELITE. We are proud to be one of few offices in the area that offers this new treatment- yay! I wish you could hear the excitement in my voice when I talk about body shaping! As more of our patients are being vaccinated and as summer approaches, we are thrilled and looking forward to seeing more of you in the office!