When I started working at Advanced Dermatology I quickly learned that they take photos of their employees at just about every opportunity they have. Whether it is before a treatment, after a treatment, at an event, or just a random photo for our Facebook pages I was the subject of many photos, including my least favorite, the dreaded 90 degree angle shot. By seeing myself from this angle I was seeing what I don’t see in the mirror and I had to come to terms with the fact that I had inherited a feature from my parents that I had been dreading: the double chin. I was asking myself the following questions: Should I get surgery to improve this? Could I afford surgery? Am I prepared to take that risk? How much time would I have to take off from work to recover?

Thankfully I waited to explore the surgical option because in April 2015 the FDA approved a new injectable called Kybella™ which is to be used only for the submental fat area (below the chin), and destroys the fat cells. Lucky for me I work for Dr. Taub who was one of 80 physicians in the country who were chosen to be trained as a clinical trainer of the product. The product works by mimicking deoxycholic acid, which is the substance your body makes in order to break down fat. Kybella™ is injected into the fat cells within the chin area, permanently destroying those fat cells. Yes, the results are permanent. (Insert happy dance here!) It is an in office treatment that takes only 20 minutes. Most women will need 2 treatments and most men will need 3 treatments. Treatments must be spaced at least 4 weeks apart. For patients, the treatment is simple, and because the last thing we want is for our patients to be uncomfortable we take the time to numb the area prior to treatment with a local anesthetic. Patients will continue to ice the area for 24 hours to minimize any pain they may be feeling. Mild tenderness, slight bruising and a lot of swelling are par for the course but most will subside within 2 weeks. Being that my double chin was nagging at me, I just HAD to schedule an appointment with Dr. Taub. I did experienced soreness, swelling, and bruising but none of it stopped me from going to work, continuing my daily activities or living my everyday life. I would encourage patients to plan on having their treatment at a time when they do not have any special events in the near future. After the initial side effects wore off, I felt numb in the area for about 3 weeks. This is another normal side effect and is a result of killing off the fat cells. I just had my second treatment and can’t wait to share my after photos with you in a few weeks! I couldn’t believe how easy the treatment was. When compared to the cost of surgery, plus the cost of having to miss work post-surgery, the cost of Kybella™ is extremely reasonable; especially since it is permanent. The treatment cost does vary slightly person to person, as it is unique to each patient based on the surface area needing treatment.

*Results may vary.

If you are interested in learning more about Kybella™ then I welcome you to meet with me or one of my fellow cosmetic coordinators, Nancy or Meghan, to learn more. One of our medical providers will evaluate you to ensure you are a candidate and answer any questions or concerns you may have about it. We look forward to seeing you soon!