Laser Skin Resurfacing; An Inclusive, Versatile Treatment

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The best time to resurface our skin has arrived! The winter is an opportune time to improve the appearance of brown spots and wrinkles. There are several different devices to choose from at Advanced Dermatology, some of which are safe and effective for all ages and skin types.

Before & After 1 Co2re Treatment

CO2RE® is a superior CO2 laser treatment, which makes the most dramatic difference in wrinkles and brown spots and even tightens the skin. CO2RE® does have more downtime than other devices, so it is not an ideal option for all. However, for those who can invest the time, I strongly recommend considering this exceptional device.

One of my personal favorite treatments is Fraxel®, a dual-wavelength laser that improves brown spots, such as freckles and hyperpigmentation, and improves skin texture by stimulating collagen and elastin production, thus improving fine lines and textural irregularities. Fraxel® can be safe on all skin colors and types, and it is safe to use on all areas of the body, such as the face, chest, neck, and extremities. It is my go-to laser for rejuvenating the skin; it truly gives you a healthy glow and leaves your skin looking and feeling beautiful! I highly recommend Fraxel® for almost all patients who are looking to improve the appearance of their skin.

Other resurfacing options include LaseMD® and Clear and Brilliant®/Permea®. LaseMD® is similar to Fraxel® in that it will improve brown spots and dyspigmentation. Clear and Brilliant®/Permea® is considered a “baby” Fraxel®. The Clear and Brilliant® wavelength helps stimulate collagen production, and the Permea® wavelength improves hyperpigmentation. For those who wish to have little to no downtime, this is a great option. Clear and Brilliant®/Permea® is also safe for all skin colors and can treat all areas of the body.

Please, contact us and schedule a cosmetic consultation so you too can rejuvenate your skin this winter!