Leg Veins, Fall 2014 Newsletter

Autumn is here! [Yes, the exclamation point is there because I am trying to psych myself up for the fact that winter will inevitably follow.] To the poets among us, fall is the season that symbolizes senescence; a slow inescapable decline. That’s the view I have issues with…so dreary and glum. You see, the word “season” isn’t just a noun…it’s a verb: to enhance flavor, to add “zing”. Autumn is the perfect season to season the way you feel about you. For those with chronic lower extremity varicose and spider veins, fall is the perfect time to embark on a journey that leads to legs that look and feel so much better.

This fall proves to be an especially exciting season as I will offer a new minimally-invasive procedure available for the treatment of superficial vein disease: ClariVein®. This state-of-the-art procedure allows for definitive treatment of incompetent superficial veins with minimal discomfort and only requires a minimum of local anesthetic. There is no down time after the procedure. In fact, I encourage patients to be very active. In addition to this procedure, I also offer endovenous laser ablation as well as Sclerotherapy. All of the weapons in my arsenal against varicose and spider veins are well tolerated and can be completed within 90 minutes or less.

The first step is to schedule your consultation visit with me. During your hour-long visit, we will thoroughly discuss your medical history and create a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and goals. I absolutely love teaching and feel that it is essential to ensure that my patients are well-informed regarding the diagnosis and treatment options for varicose and spider veins. In this way, the decisions we make as a team are educated ones.

Consultations and many procedures may be covered by insurance plans, including Medicare. While many treatments may be coverable, approval for coverage can often take months to achieve. As the end of the deductible year for many patients is December 31st, earlier evaluation may help in achieving timely approval and treatment.

I look forward to helping you to have legs that look and feel better in time for “shorts season” next Spring. See you soon!