Matrix RF™ – Skin Rejuvenation

Do you desire skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and even lifting; then come experience the Matrix RF™ treatments. This new and unique device delivers radiofrequency energy into the skin in a fractional manner allowing the untreated skin to become a reservoir to promote rapid healing and therefore reduce post procedure down time. Since the device does not rely on light or laser to stimulate collagen and resurface the skin it is safe to use on all skin types. We recommend one treatment per month for three to five months to achieve the desired outcome. Although this quick treatment is often combined with BOTOX® Cosmetic and Injectable Fillers it can produce profound improvements in the skin for those who prefer not to have injections. We hear you and continue to try to bring you the most up to date but least invasive options for rejuvenation. We know that you don’t have the time or the inclination to have a procedure that leaves you with a red, peeling face for a week! We feel the Matrix RF™ brings the ability to treat wrinkles and give some tightening with little downtime or pain.

Don’t Let Your Skin Show Your Age: The Eyes, Neck and Hands

Our clients are focused on preventative and corrective aging techniques for all areas of their face and body, but many often forget about these smaller areas that truly reveal an inner secret – your true age. Unfortunately these areas are naturally thin skinned, lack as many oil glands and are not commonly protected from the sun. So they tend to show the signs of aging quicker than other areas of the face and body. Here are some helpful tips on how to correct the damage in these areas, as well as prevent more from developing as quickly.

Eye Rejuvenation

We are often asked, “How can I make my eyes look younger and less tired?” Aging, sun exposure, pollution, genetics and allergies can all contribute to excess skin on the upper eyelid (eyelid hooding), puffiness, and creepy texture, making it difficult to apply eye shadow or eyeliner, and wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. To achieve younger looking eyes we often recommend Eyes by Thermage, injectable Fillers and/or Matrix RF™ Treatments. Eyes by Thermage is a safe, FDA approved procedure which safely heats the deep layers of skin stimulating your body’s natural skin renewal process which helps tighten existing collagen and form new collagen over time. The procedure takes about 1 hour; clients can quickly resume daily activities as the skin needs little or no recovery time. The reduction in laxity, crepiness, fine lines and wrinkles is observed gradually over the six months following treatment. Most patients benefit from one treatment but two or three treatments may be needed to achieve the desired outcome, in addition to maintenance treatments as needed to prevent further aging of the area. Matrix RF™ is also often recommended either as a stand alone treatment or for optimal results in combination with Eyes by Thermage to achieve a more profound improvement. Matrix RF™ improves the overall texture of skin while tightening and firming. Each pulse of energy applied to the skin delivers radiofrequency into the skin layers via a grid of matrix spots. The radiofrequency induces a controlled skin injury forcing the skin to remodel and grow new healthy collagen, while the surrounding untreated tissue helps to accelerate the healing process which allows for minimum social downtime post procedure. On average patients undergo 3-5 treatments at monthly intervals. Although incremental improvement may be noticed with consecutive treatments, full benefits are appreciated at six months after completing the series of treatments. Finally, putting injectable hyaluronic acid (Juvederm, Restylane) under the eye reduce the loss of volume and the under eye dark circles present there. Finish with Colorescience’s Eye Candy Trio, an eye brightening system which helps to lighten and plump the under eye.

Neck Rejuvenation

A lot of times we do all the right things for our face and then let our neck go…we don’t necessarily use all our skin care or protect with our sunscreen on our neck as we do on our faces. Yet our neck and our hands are as exposed as our face– to the everyday UV rays when in our cars, while running our errands and while on our vacations. These bits of exposure add up and result in brown freckles, wrinkling and lax skin. Now we do have some great neck rejuvenation strategies. Combining Titan and Matrix RF™ treatment is an excellent foil for the aging changes on the neck. We recommend on average 2-6 Titan and 3-5 Matrix RF™ treatments) and see a smoothing and tightening of the skin over a 6 month period. If there are also many sun freckles or dilated blood vessels we also recommend a few treatments of Photorejuvenation. These treatments have practically no downtime. Make sure your neck matches your face!

Hand Rejuvenation

Do you look down and think you are looking at your mother’s or grandmother’s hands? If so there are some procedures to help rejuvenate your hands and make them look younger and smoother in just a few months! If you have discoloration and mild abnormal texture, then Photorejuvenation may be the best treatment for you. This no down-time procedure takes less than 10 minutes in the office and requires a series of five treatments 3-4 weeks apart. If you have more profound wrinkling or texture issues, we may recommend Matrix RF™ or Fraxel to rejuvenate your hands. With minimal downtime you can achieve younger looking hands in as few as three treatments. Of course it is important to use a sunscreen on your hands everyday and anti-aging creams/serums we use on our face are wonderful to apply to the hands too. Top it off with the Colorescience Sunforgettable powder sunscreen throughout the day and you will protect your investment as well! Call our office today to book your consultation to achieve younger, beautiful looking hands!