Melasma Treatment Options

Melasma is a skin condition presenting as brown patches on the face predominantly affecting women. A change in hormonal status such as taking birth control pills or pregnancy often triggers it to appear. Melasma is more apparent during and after periods of sun exposure and less obvious in winter months when sun exposure is lacking. Because of this, protecting the skin from the sun is essential. Wearing a SPF 30 or higher with zinc oxide daily and reapplying sun screen throughout the day is most important. There are many treatment options for patients with melasma. Using topical agents to improve and prevent the brown pigment is mandatory in order to see improvement. Speak with an estheticians in skinfo® for a recommendation of a sunscreen and lightening agent. Another option for treating melasma is Fraxel Re:store. Fraxel Re:store is a laser treatment done in the office to reduce the brown pigment associated with melasma. A series of laser treatments are provided over the entire face, to gradually blend the skin pigment and also improve the texture. The combination of a thorough skincare regimen and Fraxel Re:store treatments is an extremely effective approach to melasma with minimal downtime. Call for a consultation now to prevent your pigment from deepening this Summer!