Peels – You Now Have Therapeutic Skincare Options

We now offer the new peels using gloTherapeutics skincare. All of the products contain the gloComplex consisting of spin trap, carnosine, amla and niacinamide to further enhance the performance of each product while preventing free radical damage, combating inflammation, supporting skin structure and revitalizing the skin. gloTherapeutics products can be used alone or combined for a deeper peel and more optimal result, depending on your skin’s needs.

gloPeel Prep

To prepare the skin by gently stripping oil and soften surface cells for more thorough chemical exfoliation.


A fruit enzyme exoliant with (bromelain, papain, pomegranate and cranberry extracts and BioAstin™) and salicylic acid promotes clarification for all skin types from acne to sun-damaged.

gloLactic 15%

Combines lactic and gluconic acids with antioxidants (blueberry fruit puree, bilberry fruit extract and mulberry extract) to promote exfoliation and moisture retention leading to softer, smoother skin and improvement in the appearance of fine lines.

gloModified Jessner 14%

A synergy of effective acids (lactic and salicylic) and antioxidants (resorcinol, resveratrol, raspberry fruit extract and lycopene) to help reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles, acne and mild cases of rosacea.

In addition to these peels to enhance our aesthetic service menu, a variety of masks have

been added, available in facial treatments only, to amplify results.

gloSoothing Gel Mask

Contains a complex of soothing ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins (rose hip seed oil, vitamin E, calendula extract, wild yam extract, EGCG, L-menthyl lactate, pomegranate extract and rutin) to repair and calm sensitized skin.

gloCalming Seaweed Mask

An antioxidant rich clay based mask designed to soothe, nourish and purify with herbal ingredients (algae extract, wheat protein, arnica montana, bentonite and kaolin, focus vesiculosus extract, macrocystis pyrifera and calendula extract).

gloPumpkin Enzyme Scrub

Provides a blend of physical and enzymatic exfoliants (date seed and jojoba beads, zeolite, pumpkin enzymes, fungal protease and fruit enzymes) to help breakdown dull, rough skin and impurities without damaging or irritating skin. Supportive conditioning and nourishing ingredients (rice extract, phospholipids and sphingolipids) maintain the skin’s balance and moisture content while antioxidants help increase skin’s strength and resistance to environmental stress. Look for this product for retail in Skinfo®.

BetaPeels and SonoPeels

Patients often ask what they can do during the summer to reduce sun damage, treat acne, or maintain results from previous treatments. Most laser and light devices rely on a pigmented target (freckle, blood vessel, hair follicle, etc). If we treat over an area that is tan or recently exposed to the sun, the active melanocytes and extra pigment in the skin also act as a target for the laser energy. This increases the risk of complications or requires us to turn down the energy to a safe enough level which may not always be effective. A great alternative in the summer is SonoPeels™ and BetaPeels. The SonoPeel™ uses ultrasonic energy and gentle cavitational forces to remove the dead, scaly outer layer of the skin, called the epidermis. BetaPeels use salicylic acid, also known as beta-hydroxy acid, to gently exfoliate the dead surface cells and promote regeneration and renewal of the skin. Treatments will reduce sun damage, improve the skin’s overall tone and texture, reduce acne breakouts and can safely be performed during the summer!

Jessner Peel

Would you like to reduce the amount of damage created in your skin due to Sun exposure, acne and the aging process but are not ready to undergo laser treatments? Jessner Peels might just be the solution for you! Jessner Peels are chemical peels which are most often applied to the face, neck, chest, back, arms and hands to reduce the appearance of skin discolorations and improve skin texture. The peel solution is made up of salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol. This medium depth peel which penetrates beyond the top layer of the skin causes the skin to regenerate and heal. Depending on the degree of damage present multiple layer of the solution may be applied to the skin to produce the desired outcome. After the application of the peel patients may experience “frosting” or whitening of the skin which can persist for a few hours but is a normal occurrence. Some redness, peeling, and flaking is also expected for about seven days after the treatment. Unprotected sun exposure is highly discouraged after this procedure to ensure proper healing and reduce potential side effects. Make sure you apply a sunscreen with zinc oxide and SPF 30 or higher daily. To achieve smoother, brighter and healthier skin with less noticeable pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes, two to three treatments are usually recommended with each peel scheduled two to three weeks apart.

Introducing the NEW Total Skin Rejuvenation Facial by Neocutis

Repair and rejuvenate your stressed skin with this customized facial. The facial begins with an exfoliating cleanser after which a low level glycolic acid is applied to further exfoliate the skin and promote collagen growth. The skin is cooled and a hydrating mask is applied for deep hydration. Neocutis Bio Serum is introduced as its first application in the course of the 7 day treatment and is followed by its partnering sunscreen Journee SPF30. Please schedule your appointment to experience the most luxurious skin rejuvenation facial.