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In today’s fast paced world, we know that as service providers we need to be one step ahead to accommodate the needs of our patients and clients. This is why Advanced Dermatology and skinfo® look to you, our long time and new patients for feedback on all that we can do to make your visit that much more comfortable, smooth and informative. We are grateful for your feedback on the daily surveys we send out and know that we take your compliments and suggestions very seriously. Your positive comments inspire us to serve you better and your suggestions make us evaluate and strategize on how we can improve upon your experience.

Thank you for your referrals to friends and family as we all know that word of mouth is still and will always be the key to our growing family of patients. We wanted to bring to your attention a few online review sites on which you can share your experience so that others can read about our efforts and dedication to dermatology and optimal skincare. If you happen to have a few extra moments as you’re posting on your Facebook page, shopping online or reading the latest news and trends, here are a few sites where we hope others can read about your experience:

If you are new to these sites, you will have to join before you post a review. (FUN FACT: There is no need to type in the www in your search bar prior to typing in a website. If you know the website just type it in and you will get to the page you are searching for!) – Free to join. Leading the way in cosmetic surgery, dermatology and dentistry. Search Dr. Amy Forman Taub in Lincolnshire to find us! – Free to join. Known as the go to for reviews on restaurants, boutiques, salons and medical professionals. Search Advanced Dermatology or
skinfo in Lincolnshire to find us! – Free to join. If you have Facebook, you may become addicted to Google+ as well! Search Advanced Dermatology or skinfo in Lincolnshire to find us! (Keep an eye out for a live broadcast through Google+ from us.) & Free to join. See second column, under “Recommendations” you can choose
the number of stars and write a comment.

Thank you in advance for your reviews, and please note that we always welcome all feedback so that we can continue to provide you with the utmost exceptional customer service and respect you deserve.