Stuck Wearing Pants This Summer?

Whether or not Global Warming is an issue at the forefront of your consciousness or whether math was your strong subject in school, there’s an equation that is undeniable and easy to comprehend: Summer=Warm=Less Comfortable to Wear Pants.

For some of my patients, the discomfort of wearing pants in warm weather is outweighed by their apprehension about wearing shorts or shorter skirts. For some of those patients, their reason relates to having varicose and spider veins on their legs.

Many patients are not only troubled by the aesthetics of chronic vein issues, but they are plagued with chronic, nagging symptoms in their legs: heaviness, fatigue, cramping, swelling and “restless legs”.

My medical specialty, Phlebology, deals with diagnosing and treating the causes and effects of chronic superficial vein disease. The evaluations I provide take place during an hour-long initial consultation. I spend that time doing a thorough medical history: you are more than just a pair of legs…it’s important for me to learn about you in order to give you the best advice. In addition, I spend a great deal of time teaching patients about their issues. Since you, as the President of your body, are the ultimate decision-maker, you need as much “intel” as possible to make the best decisions for yourself. If necessary, we also spend some time doing an ultrasound evaluation for potential underlying causes of symptoms and surface issues.

Initial consultations and many procedures may be covered by commercial insurance and Medicare. Coverage depends on what we discover as well as patients’ individual policies. Coverage may also take weeks to achieve, so here’s another equation for you: Scheduling consultations sooner = Quicker coverage approval = Quicker time to resolving your issues in an efficient and affordable way.

The state-of-the-art treatments I offer are:
• Non-surgical. Techniques include Endovenous Laser Ablation, Clarivein® and Sclerotherapy.
• Safe.
• Comfortable. Only some local anesthetic is required.
• Convenient. There’s no downtime: you can resume most normal activities immediately
• Effective.
I look forward to meeting you and helping you to love the look and feel of your legs again! See you soon!