Top 5 Cosmetic Treatments To Get in the Winter

The winter months are a great time to focus on aesthetic enhancements, particularly those that have downtime or require multiple sessions. Although we offer many treatments all year round, below are the top five treatments worth considering during the long cold months ahead.

The first is laser resurfacing. The most powerful option with the most dramatic results is CO2RE, a CO2 laser. The improvement in discoloration, wrinkles, and tightening is unparalleled. For those who do not want as much downtime, the second option I recommend is Fraxel®, my favorite laser. Fraxel® provides an excellent improvement in texture and brown spots with much less downtime. Winter is also a convenient time for laser hair removal. When patients are tan, treatments either cannot be done, or the intensity of the treatment is reduced.

Typically, during the winter, most patients have less sun exposure. Since we often like to look our best during the short but sweet summer months offered by the Chicagoland area, winter is a great time to take advantage of body shaping devices such
as CoolSculpting®, truSculpt®, Emsculpt NEO®, and several other body shaping devices we offer. These devices often require multiple treatments, so you can get a head start on getting your body in shape during the winter months

Vein treatments often require wearing compression stockings, so this is also one of my top picks for winter treatments. Compression socks are typically worn during all waking hours for 2-3 weeks after sclerotherapy or endovenous ablation treatments. As you can imagine, this may not be as enjoyable when it is warm outside. Lastly, I recommend patients do their
intense pulsed light (IPL) maintenance in the winter to clean up the freckles and discoloration that resulted from the summer.