New Treatment Alert: Thermage® FLX

Happy Fall everyone! I am happy to announce that we have upgraded one of our most trusted tissue – tightening devices that we have had since 2007, Thermage®. Thermage® is a non-invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat tissue and stimulate new collagen to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is indicated for the face, neck, and periorbital (around the eye) region, as well as many areas on the body, including arms, chest, abdomen, and legs.

The Thermage® system has gone through multiple evolutions to finally reach the most efficient and accurate upgrade, Thermage® FLX. The device still delivers a uniform amount of heat and energy into dermal tissue to initiate a secondary wound healing response, which involves collagen deposition and remodeling. Combined with an immediate contraction of collagen, the desired result is tightening and smoothing of the skin over time.

Unique to the FLX system is the new AccuREP technology, which automatically calibrates the optimal amount of RF that is necessary for each pulse per treatment area in real-time. With the new developments in the FLX technology, we can deliver a more consistent and precise amount of energy with each pulse and cover a larger surface area with each treatment. This allows our providers and patients to appreciate shorter treatment times and enhanced outcomes.

I will be honest – historically Thermage® has gotten a bad rap for being uncomfortable. However, the new technology of the face and body tips allow us to treat at lower levels while simultaneously delivering cooling spray and vibration, which will synergistically increase patient comfort. This treatment requires patients to be awake and  alert, but our practice does offer Nitronox® as an option for temporary relaxation throughout the treatment.

Thermage® FLX is ideal for most patients who desire to naturally firm and tighten areas of mild to moderate loose or crepey skin. We treat males and females with any skin type, young and mature. Patients who are not candidates include those who require surgery for severe skin laxity and those with cardiac pacemakers or active metal implants. Thermage® FLX can be done once every 1-2 years and has little, if any, downtime. After a single treatment, visual improvements, such as smoothing and tightening of the skin, appear gradually over a 2-6 month time period.