Unique Areas for CoolSculpting®

When asked what my favorite treatment is that we offer, I almost always say CoolSculpting® for fat reduction and body shaping. CoolSculpting® is an FDA-approved procedure that non-invasively treats areas of stubborn fat that will not budge with diet and exercise. While my answer has something to do with the fact that it works and most of my patients are satisfied with their results, it is also because there is a myriad of ways we can design a treatment plan based on one’s unique concerns and body type. The most common area that we treat is the midsection; this includes the abdomen and flanks (the bulges at the sides of your waist). Many patients start there, are happy with their results, and then ask me at their follow-up visits about other areas they can treat. They are always surprised at the answer!

The ideal type of fat for CoolSculpting® is subcutaneous tissue, which is surface tissue that is soft, squishy, and can easily be pinched or grabbed. Because of this, many people are surprised when I tell them they can treat their outer thighs. The fatty skin on the outer thighs can be notoriously stubborn due to the dense nature of the tissue. CoolSculpting® created two surface applicators that are unique in size and shape to target this area perfectly, while causing an actual smoothing or reduction of the “saddle bag” shape that this pocket of fat causes. Many patients tell me that they have always been bothered by the shape of their legs, and they are uncomfortable in shorts or dresses because there is nothing they can do to help improve it. Other areas we can treat on the legs include the inner thighs, banana roll (the fatty area underneath the buttocks), and the inner knees. If indicated, the inner thigh can be treated to help further reduce the circumference of the legs. We can also treat the fatty pocket of the inner knee for a smoother transition with the rest of the legs.

For many women, the area of tissue that spills out over the bra can be very irritating and often make us uneasy about wearing certain clothes. We can treat the front or back portion of the bra bulge, and often it responds very well because the area is usually smaller and very squishy- this is good1 We can also slim down and contour the back by treating mid-back fat, flanks, or “love handles,” which are common areas of concern for both men and women. Targeting these areas can accentuate a waist, give someone an hourglass shape, and allow clothing to lay flatter and fit better. Another particularly common problem for women is the upper arm. While this area can be a mixture of subcutaneous fat and loose, sagging skin, it is usually a softer area of fatty surface tissue that typically responds well to CoolSculpting®. If loose skin and fat are both contributing factors in this area, we have devices used in conjunction with each other to address both concerns. During your consultation, it will be discussed whether or not we can meet your expectations and if CoolSculpting® is right for you.

Lastly, we can also treat fullness under the chin and the submandibular area below the jawline. Many patients have a genetic predisposition to excess fat in this area and often have looser tissue as well. Cool Mini™ is the smallest applicator that we use for this area, and we can treat from ear to ear to reduce the fullness of the chin and upper neck. A bonus is that this treatment was shown to firm and smoothen the skin in this area, all of which can change the shape of a face and sculpt the jawline.

A majority of our patients seek out fat reduction treatments because they want to feel better in their clothes. They want shirts to lay flatter and less skin or fat to spill over pants or undergarments. They want to wear tank tops, shorts, or dresses without feeling self-conscious. These areas can be stubborn and a constant concern, even if you are regimented on diet and exercise. You are not alone! Our goal is to deliver results aligned with your expectations, and there is no one size-fits-all. If you are considering treatment for any of these areas, contact us for a cosmetic consultation and we can evaluate your body type in person, talk about what you are hoping to achieve, and decide if CoolSculpting® is right for you.