Vascular Verses Pigmented Birthmarks and Treatments

Just because you were born with it doesn’t mean you have to live with it! Many babies are born with birthmarks; although most birthmarks fade by adolescence, some persist into adulthood and can cause significant cosmetic concerns. We offer multiple treatment modalities to remove or lighten both pigmented and vascular birthmarks at Advanced Dermatology.

Pigmented birthmarks include congenital nevi, cafe au lait spots, and Mongolian spots, which occur from an overabundance of melanin or pigment in the skin. Congenital nevi are benign moles that range in color from pink to brown; they vary in size and may be flat or raised. A congenital nevus can be surgically removed if it is concerning for skin cancer or if a patient has cosmetic concerns. Cafe au lait spots are oval in shape and pale brown. Mongolian spots are flat, bluish-gray lesions mostly occurring in patients with darker skin. They typically appear on the lower back and buttocks and are often mistaken for bruising. Cafe au lait and Mongolian spots usually fade in early childhood but can persist into the adult years.

Lasers for pigmentation, including elight SRA IPL, Q-switch laser, Fraxel®, and CO2RE, use different wavelengths to enhance our ability to treat pigmented birthmarks at Advanced Dermatology. With an abundance of modalities, we can customize your treatment.

Vascular birthmarks occur in approximately 40% of newborns. Salmon patches are red or pink patches that occur between the eyes, on the eyelids, or the back of the neck; and are often called angel kisses or stork bites. Hemangiomas appear as flat or raised bumps that are pink, blue, or bright red; and traditionally fade away by adolescence but can leave a pale pink mark behind. Some fast-growing hemangiomas require medical removal, especially on the face. Portwine stain birthmarks appear in infancy or early childhood, and are frequently found on the face and neck. Port­wine stain birthmarks do not fade over time and can be disfiguring.

We offer several vascular birthmark laser treatments at Advanced Dermatology. Lasers target the vessels and cause birthmarks to lighten and diminish in size over multiple treatments. VBeam® pulsed dye laser, Vantage 1064 YAG, DermaV™ 532, and Elight SRA IPL use different wavelengths to enhance our ability to improve the effectiveness of treatment.

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