Why Do Non-Invasive Treatments?

Non-invasive treatments for aging as well as scars, rosacea, birthmarks, hair removal, hair growth, leg veins, and even acne have continually been improved upon for the past 20 years. Many now approach surgical results, although surgical results are considered the gold standard. Skin color and texture cannot be treated with surgery. Surgery has traditionally been for face-lifts, eyelid lifts, neck lifts, tummy tucks, breast enhancement or reduction, and liposuction. Surgical procedures have also advanced.

Non-invasive treatments are great for when the situation is not severe enough to require surgery, and in
many cases may also greatly increase the time before surgery is necessary (and depending on the person needed at all). Others do not want to undergo surgery ever. Lasers came first and were discovered for the treatment of port wine stains, which are red blotches on the face or body that are present at birth and can be disfiguring. Lasers were then invented for brown spots or discoloration, wrinkles, scars, leg veins, tattoo and hair removal, and even energy-based devices that can dissolve fat and build muscle! Others can induce firming of the skin to counteract the sagging. In the 1990s, BOTOX® was approved as a way of precisely reducing muscle contraction to improve wrinkles that had etched into the face and also caused the brow to droop, leading to eyelids that hang down making the eyes look smaller. Injectable fillers came along to be able to fill in the lines we didn’t like around the mouth and now they are used for everything from cheek lifts to chin and jawline redefinition, as well as full facial rejuvenation.

Of course, we are fans of non-invasive, energy based devices and injectables, but we also recognize
that people can go too far. We just want you to look your best, but naturally, so that you can either recover
features you have lost or help to improve features that maybe were not your best, but it is never advisable to try to look like someone else Our real goal is for you to feel good about yourself. Recently a woman who had undergone a carbon dioxide laser resurfacing procedure thanked me and told me she feels SO MUCH better about herself. She struggled mightily with this as she wanted to like herself enough despite the aging changes she saw in her face. As women, I think we get a double whammy-not only are we sometimes unhappy with how we look, but on top of that we feel guilty for feeling that way after all shouldn’t we like ourselves just as we are? My attitude is yes, it would be great if we were all happy with how we are, but if something does bother us and there is a solution, why not try to improve it?

I can tell when someone has been doing noninvasive treatments and using regular professional grade skincare just because they look better than they would for their stated age (although there is a lot of variation within each age group). And also so many people ask me what I do for my skin. Daily home skincare is truly important. People ask, does it matter? Yes, it matters that you daily apply the ingredients that will protect and stimulate your skin to keep it healthy and youthful. Yes, it matters which brand you buy, and while there are many excellent lower-cost alternatives, sometimes it is important to spend the money to have the best results. It is a commitment, and it isn’t for everyone. Some people are perfectly okay with having maximal aging of the skin and body without any intervention. Some people cannot afford intervention let’s not forget about them! If you do want to make the commitment for improvement, we want to be your allies and help you reach your best self.