Combining Tissue Tightening Techniques for Optimal Improvement

We have multiple Tissue Tightening devices: Thermage, ReFirme and Titan. All have had many exposures on national TV shows, including Oprah, Today, the View, and the Rachel Ray show. Which one is the best?, people often ask us. We think they are all good, especially with appropriate technique and an esthetic training to know how to get the best results. We have found that for thick and/or oily skin we like Thermage, which penetrates the deepest of the three. For medium thickness skin we like ReFirme and for thin skin we choose Titan. However, most people have a combination of all three so we have started to combine them in an effort to get best results. By combining 2 or even all 3 of these, we can affect all levels of the skin to respond to the call for firming and creating new collagen. We are probably one of only a few centers that have all 3. If it seems confusing sometimes in your consultations because we have so many choices, just remember that we have so many because we feel we can truly individualize your care best that way. Sometimes one laser works great on one person whereas another works better on a different person.

Combining Tissue Tightening with the Velashape

Combining Tissue Tightening with the Velashape especially on the abdomen or area above the knee where fat and loose skin can both exist, can achieve better results than either alone. Combining tightening and fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic and fillers, and Fraxel® SR1500 or Pearl and tightening are other ways to achieve great results. Most people don’t only have one factor causing an aging appearance. By combining treatments we can provide you the best possible results.

Fraxel® SR1500 and Stretch Marks

Although we have only recently begun to treat stretch marks using Fraxel® SR1500, the early results have been exciting. A series of treatments is needed, but results have been seen after the first and continue to improve with each treatment.