CoolsculptingTM by ZELTIQ

During the winter holidays we all seem to feel the calories pile on. Fortunately, with New Year’s resolutions to follow, we often make efforts to take back the reigns and get back on track. For those wishing to jump-start the process, CoolsculptingTM by ZeltiqTM offers a truly extraordinary opportunity to non-invasively provide fat-reduction for particularly stubborn areas. Our CoolsculptingTM device can reduce the amount of fat cells in any given treatment area by about 20-25% over a three month period with just one treatment. Amazing results can be achieved in body areas that may have previously held onto extra fat despite healthy eating and proper exercise.

CoolsculptingTM by ZeltiqTM cools fat cells while safely maintaining skin temperature above its freezing point. This process allows for the selective reduction of fat cells while leaving the skin unharmed. Slowly, over several weeks, the damaged fat cells are metabolized by the body and used for energy. During this time impressive recontouring of the treated area occurs, with a significant decrease in the amount of fat beneath the skin. This procedure takes about an hour per treatment area. The lower and upper abdomen, lower and mid back, and inner thighs are all popular treatment areas. For a rapid, safe and totally noninvasive approach to fat reduction, feel free to schedule a cosmetic consultation to learn more about CoolsculptingTM by ZeltiqTM.