Device used to treat cellulite and contour body areas

VelaFirme VelaSmooth™ is an FDA approved medical device used to treat cellulite and contour body areas. ReFirme™ST is an FDA approved medical device used to tighten lax skin tissue and sculpt the skin. The combination of these treatment therapies, resulting in the VelaFirme™ allows for overall skin tightening and contouring, while reducing the appearance of cellulite. The VelaSmooth™ uses elo–s combination of bi-polar radiofrequency, infrared light, plus negative pressure (vacuum) and tissue manipulation. This combination of infrared and RF energies increase oxygen to the cells by heating the skin. This increases the metabolism of stored energy, thereby shrinking the size of the fat chambers. Vacuum and specially designed rollers manipulate and smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and efficient delivery of the energy. Now with a recently developed smaller applicator, the VelaSmooth™ is capable of precisely targeting and treating smaller contoured areas such as the neck and arms or focusing on problem areas of the thighs, buttock, and hips. The ReFirme™ ST uses infrared and bi-polar radiofrequency energy to heat the dermal collagen tissue to cause contraction resulting in tighter skin. Thousands of patients have been treated worldwide with both therapies individually. The VelaFirme, the next wave, is combining the two methods together to yield faster reproducible results in fewer treatments. Contact us now for a consultation on how the VelaFirme can help you!