eMatrix™ + Fraxel

The eMatrix™ –  Sublative Rejuvenation

Dr. Taub, as many of you know, helped the company Syneron to develop their “eMatrix™” device. Now in its third generation, the eMatrix has 2 new applications: surface pigmentation and wrinkles around the eye. The eye area is very delicate and also susceptible to damage from laser treatments due to the fact that light can penetrate into the eye. For laser treatments we must use eye protection which interferes with being able to reach the eyelid skin directly under and over the eye. Radiofrequency doesn’t go through the skin to the other side so we don’t need to cover the eyes. We can improve the hooding of the upper eyelid and the wrinkles of the lower eyelid more easily. Best of all we have had no serious complications with this device. We can use it for ANY skin type, no matter what color, tanned or untanned and even with acne breakouts present to help with acne scars. We improve hooding of the upper eyelid and fine wrinkles of the lower eyelid. The Sublative rejuvenation procedure decreases wrinkling as well as scars and tightening and brightens the skin of the face, chest, neck and arms more quickly and with less overall down time than other resurfacing lasers and best of all it is has been VERY safe in our hands, with an extremely low few adverse event rate.

The Fraxel Dual 2011:

We upgraded our Fraxel in December from the “Restore” to the “Dual”. What does this mean for you? In addition to the remodeling benefits of the skin that we could achieve with the Restore, we can really eradicate most Photodamage in 1-2 treatments with the new wavelength, the Thulium. (See Before and After Photo in this newsletter). The Dual allows us to treat the top layer of skin where the brown sun freckles and age spots are, as well as the dullness that comes with age and sun exposure. Even superficial wrinkles can be improved significantly with this treatment. Best of all, rather than 3-5 treatments, benefits are achieved in as few as 1-2! Besides the face it can also be used on the chest, the hands, arms, legs and even back. There is some redness and peeling with this procedure that can last up to a week. Please call or come in for a consultation for more information about this procedure where we can conduct a detailed skin analysis and determine if this treatment is right for you. $75 to reserve appointment (non refundable deposit will be applied to treatment booked within 30 days).