Hand Rejuvenation

Many of you who have been successful with rejuvenation of the face are turning to other areas, especially the hands. This is a difficult area to treat because the skin is so thin, but that, along with brown spots and wrinkles, are precisely why many of us want our hands treated, We have two great modalities for this: Microneedle-Assisted Photodynamic Therapy (MA-PDT)and Fraxel Thulium.

How to choose? It is simple…if you want to include your forearms then MA-PDT is better and more predictable. If you are going to go for the hands only, then go with the Thulium. We have our consultation process for a very good reason! That is so we can design the therapy for only YOU, your concerns, your budget and your ability to tolerate downtime or discomfort. We also have to take into account your medical problems (if any) and what medications you are on. This can’t be done in 5 minutes – we can only achieve the best success by matching you with the procedure(s) and skincare that is just right for you.