Injectable Filler in the Chin

The chin is becoming a very new popular area for injectable fillers. Why would we do it? As we age, the female face can go from being oval or egg shaped to more squared off due to sagging as well as losing fat and collagen around the mouth. Men who have a “weak” chin that doesn’t project suffer from looking less masculine. (Square and strong jaws and chins are associated with masculinity). Anybody with a double chin can also benefit as this could mask this area.

When we add filler to the chin it is a relatively simple procedure consisting of only a few injections and a small amount of filler. It can and should be done subtly, in the sense that it just slightly elongates the face. It gives the impression that the face is more oval (women), the chin is stronger (men) or the neck isn’t as bulging (both sexes). Everybody who has had this done have been really pleased!