ALL IN ONE… wrinkle reduction, tightening, removal of sun damage and brown spots, & skin smoothing


Carbon dioxide resurfacing is THE treatment if you want to achieve everything at once: wrinkle reduction, tightening, removal of sun damage and brown spots, and skin smoothing. The CO2RE™ resurfacing device is a new carbon dioxide resurfacing tool that can treat the superficial and deep layers all at once.

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While you might not marvel at this engineering feat, you will enjoy the fruits of this enhancement, less discomfort and downtime. Yes, there is downtime, but if you are willing to embrace a one week (occasionally less, depending on aggressiveness of treatment and area of the face), you can come out on the other side with completely new skin. While some of you shudder at the thought of any downtime, there seems to be a trend going in the other direction; people are realizing that there is value in doing it all at once. If you add up what it would cost to do photorejuvenation with no downtime, then tightening, then wrinkle reduction, you might find it could cost you 2-3 times what it costs you to get it all accomplished at once! Some of the things this modality does do especially well that is very difficult to otherwise, is to rejuvenate the lower eyelid wrinkles and the wrinkles around the mouth. We can just do an area of the face and we don’t have to do the entire face…depends on the person. Also, the neck is an area where the CO2RE™ shines. It can significantly reduce crepey wrinkles and make the skin on the neck firmer and get rid of poikiloderma, a reddish brown discoloration that some get on their neck.