Skincare Solutions for Melasma

Melasma is a skin condition that occurs on the face in the form of brown patches. A change in hormonal status (higher levels of estrogen) is thought to trigger and be the cause of the condition (i.e. birth control pills, pregnancy), although many women without these risk factors also have it.

UVA rays are the stimulant for melanin (brown pigmentation) to develop on the skin, and unfortunately UVA rays can even penetrate through car window glass. For this reason the most important topical to use everyday is a broad-spectrum sunscreen to block the UVA rays and wearing a hat when outdoors for extended periods can be helpful as well. An appropriate sunscreen would be that of an SPF30 or higher and also contains the active ingredient Zinc Oxide. We have many new facial sunscreens available in Skinfo® that are much lighter and non-greasy, perfect for the upcoming summer months.

There are prescription products and cosmeceuticals that can lighten or prevent worsening of the pigment. Most treatments contain hydroquinone, a chemical which impairs the cells from making melanin. A prescription strength hydroquinone works better than over-the-counter formulations and we have 3 products available in our skincare boutique: Glytone Clarifying Gel and Sun Vanish and Skinfo® Vital Repair Pads. There are also plant based products that contain Kojic acid, arbutin, licorice and other botanical lightening ingredients which are a more natural way to lighten the abnormal pigment, such as SkinCeuticals Phyto +.

If topical products aren’t enough, we have a number of procedures that are effective for melasma as well. BetaPeels (salicylic acid peels), used in conjunction with effective skincare, often help with unwanted pigment. Laser Photorejuvenation with the Aurora SRA has helped many with stubborn pigment. Our newest addition, the Fraxel® SR1500 Laser Treatments has been highly effective for melasma as well.