Thermage and Fraxel: Combination Therapy at Its Best for Treating Skin Laxity, Fine Lines and Sun Damage

Thermage® and Fraxel® have been staples in our array of treatments for the last five years and gold standards in the skin tightening and rejuvenation industry. Now both systems have been redesigned to provide greater comfort and even more remarkable results. The Thermage® CPT System delivers more therapeutic heat, for more comfortable and better skin tightening results. The treatment tips now use Comfort Pulse Technology. CPT delivers energy in a more advanced way by balancing pulses of radiofrequency (heat) while delivering cool bursts to confuse the brain’s nerve response and improve comfort during treatment. This idea uses a similar mechanism as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation “TENS” therapy which is widely used by pain management specialists. The redesigned tips also deliver enhanced heat distribution and uniformity in the treatment area, which leads to improved volumetric heating and skin tightening. Plus, the facial treatment handpiece now includes a vibration effect clinically proven to reduce discomfort, not only making the treatment more pleasurable for the patients, but also allowing a greater level of energy to be tolerated by the patient. These advances lead to more consistent results with better patient satisfaction.

The Fraxel re:store® addresses uneven pigmentation such as sun damage on the face and body in addition to irregular skin texture and scarring. The Thermage® CPT and Fraxel re:store® heighten our expectations for greater improvement in aging skin that shows visible signs of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity and scarring. These treatments can be performed on the same day to increase convenience for our clients. Moreover when we do provide these combination treatments on  the same day, we see advanced results in a faster time frame. You won’t have to wait much longer for radiant, smooth, glowing skin! Book your consultation now to learn how you will benefit from this perfect combination.