Zeltiq: Diary of a Female Patient

What did you expect prior to having your Treatment?

I was really excited to try this new technology out (I could use all the help in the abdomen area that I could get). I was not really sure what to expect because I was the first one to have it done here.

What did you experience?

The first 10 minutes were a bit uncomfortable. The suction was a lot more than I had thought it would be. Once the area was cold I did not have as much discomfort. I was able to relax and study for my finals after the first 10 minutes or so. Once they removed the applicator, my lower stomach was like a frozen brick, it was kind of cool. My stomach was cold in that area for several hours after the treatment.

Was the treatment painful?

I would not say the treatment itself was painful. A bit uncomfortable at first but after about 10 minutes I was used to it and relaxed.

How did you feel post treatment and the next day?

Post treatment my stomach was cold for several hours. I didn’t have much discomfort right after the treatment. The next day and for several days following the treatment I was sore. I was unable to work out for 3 days because my stomach was sore and running was painful.

How quickly did you see results?

I started seeing results 4 to 5 weeks after the treatment. I was sore for about 2 weeks after the treatment. Some days were worse than others, but it was tolerable. I was unable to sleep on my stomach for a week because the area was just too sore. I am now in my 9th week post treatment and have seen fantastic results! I am very happy with the treatment! It was worth the few days of being sore and a bit uncomfortable.

Female patient at Advanced Dermatology shares her Coolsculpting by Zeltiq treatment experience.