Zeltiq – Diary of a Male Patient

What did you expect prior to having your Treatment?

I expected to get tighter skin and a more defined abdomen since I workout and was told that it would help the lower abs which are tough to target with exercise alone. (See before and after photos below of male patient’s treatment).

What did you experience?

A little discomfort when applicator was applied and I got a little light headed and then got a little warm for about 2 min max.  After that, it was great and then I felt cramping when applicator was removed but that only lasted about 5 min while they massaged the area.

Was the treatment painful?

Overall the treatment was relatively painless.

How did you feel post treatment and the next day?

I was slightly sore and tender and numb for about 2 weeks in the area treated.

How quickly did you see results?

I got phenomenal results and saw improvement at about 5 weeks. However, I do feel that it is essential to do more than just one treatment to get maximum results.

Male patient before (top) and after (below) results with one Zeltiq™ treatment. Photos courtesy of Advanced Dermatology.