Pellevé and Fillers

We often times want the result of a facelift, but either we don’t want to go under the knife or we don’t want the downtime. Combination therapy is a modality we can use to achieve the non-surgical facelift. The aging process is dynamic and is due to loss of skin tightness as well as a loss of volume. Changes in bone structure, loss of fat and exposure to UV light all affect the elasticity and appearance of our skin.

Pellevé is a skin tightening treatment that helps treat facial wrinkles as well as provide tissue tightening. Using radiofrequency, Pellevé heats up the underlying collagen, which causes contraction and tightening. Over time new collagen is stimulated. The procedure is painless and is described as feeling like a warm massage. There is no downtime and you leave looking refreshed.

Dermal fillers are used to address volume loss that occurs with the aging process. We use fillers not only to treat the nasolabial folds (parentheses around the mouth) but we can also treat areas where structural loss has occurred such as the cheeks. Under the eyes is often an area that is neglected. Loss of volume under the eyes creates the appearance of dark circles and a tired look. Returning the volume to this area using dermal fillers helps rejuvenate the eye.

When you combine these two treatments you not only achieve overall skin tightening, but you also achieve a more refreshed and youthful appearance.